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Papier toaletowy VELVET biały miękki

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Whether you need to wipe, dry, clean or polish, we always here to provide you a hygiene way. These toilet tissue rolls are well made of high quality material, 4-layer design, ultra soft and thick, can be dissolved in water quickly, with exquisite dot printing on the surface and clear seperation line is easy for you to tear. A perfect addition for your modern house, ideal for the washroom, kitchen, workshop or a restaurant.


- Brand: STOBOK.

- Color: White.

- Material: Raw wood pulp.

- Size: 40 x 14 x 8.5 cm (Each bag size ); 14 x 8.5cm/5.5 x 3.3 inch (Each roll size, L*W); 14 x 10.5cm/5.5 x 4.1 inch (Each section size, L*W).

- Weight: 65g/roll.

- Home daily used toilet paper with exquisite dot printing on the surface, 3 bags, 12 rolls/bag, all together is 36 rolls.

- 80 sections(14x10.5cm per section) each roll, you can tear easily according to the clear seperation line.

- These paper rolls are soft and comfortable to use, features no irritation to the skin, no aroma or pigment.

- All placed in a standard rectangular dispenser to improve hygiene and ease of use.

- Highly absorbent and strong toilet paper. Gives you the softness and strength you like.



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